Thank you for your donations :)

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My deepest thanks to everyone for your help with my journey to this upcoming event, WBFF Worlds 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Thank you so much for all your donations, including giving me your professional services at no cost and the advice from other competitors. Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated… without it, I will not be able to attend the competition.

Here is the link to make a donation: OR

Every little bit helps and I appreciate it very much! Maraming salamat po!

Training For My First Competition: WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016

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Training for my first Competition, WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016 – August 26th & 27th. Thank you Coach James Davis! You rock!


WBFF Worlds Toronto 2016 – Friday August 26th & Saturday August 27th

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Event Venue: The Sony Centre for The Performing Arts
1 Front St E
Toronto, ON
M5E 1B2
Phone: (416) 368-6161

Event Tickets:
Tickets will be on sale at the box office of the Sony Centre or through
1-855-872-SONY (7669), where they can search WBFF.

Here is the link to TICKETMASTER

Buy Ticket
Buy Ticket

Wednesday Workout – Core Without Floor

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You want to give your core a proper work-out, but, you don’t want to get on the floor?  Sure – let’s do this!  I can get in all my crunches either while standing or with the help of a stool and the benefit is just as good.  It’s my core-without-floor workout baby!  Booom!!!  🙂

Wednesday Workout – What? Push Ups @42!?

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That’s right!!!  I am 42-year-old woman, but my body feels like I am only 24!!!  If I can do it, you can do it 🙂  You are stronger than you think.  Let’s do this!  I am here for you!

Wednesday Workout – Full Body

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Warm-Up / Lower Body / Upper Body / Core / Cool-Down
Download a printable PDF copy of Workout Wednesday – Full Body Workout!!!

I work-out at home and the gym – I don’t have a favorite – but, I don’t always have time to go to the gym.  Today I am giving you a simple, full-body work-out that made me feel good and break sweat.  This is a shortened routine of what I’d do at the gym –  and it gives me a good result.  I give myself permission to modify my routine to fit the space, but, I maintain my fitness goal every time.

To give myself the greatest benefit from my workout and prevent strain and injury I always begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.