Reverse Lunge with Single Arm Shoulder Press

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Exercise: Reverse Lunge with Single Arm Shoulder Press
Target Muscles: Legs, Glutes, Shoulders
Load: 15lb Dumbbell
Sets: 3
Reps: 10

– Stand with your feet about hip-width apart.
– Position the dumbbell just above your shoulder
– Maintain a neutral spine and knees unlock
– This is your starting position
– Step back with your opposite foot about two feet
– Keeping your hips facing forward as the toe makes contact first
– Allow both knees to bend and descend, and let your back knee hover on the floor
– Your body should continue to be upright
– Don’t lean forward or allowed your back to round
– Press back up by pushing your back foot
– Maintaining balance as you return to the starting position
– Press the dumbbell overhead
– Return to starting position
– Repeat 10x on the same side
– Do the same on the the opposite leg and opposite arm

* Make sure that your have a lot of space between your ears and your shoulders
* Keep your core tight and engage
* Keep your neck neutral, don’t let your head droop down
* Squeeze your glutes when you go back to the starting position
* Don’t let the front knee past your toes
* Keep breathing

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